Exclusive and private 100 year old villas, all individually designed.

  • Blue Ginger has the feel of a simple antique beach cottage with its white washed internal walls.
  • This simple 60 year old Malay house was originally a fisherman’s house but has now been transformed into a summery colourful house.
  • A 100 year old Malay Nobleman’s house with intricate carvings made for natural ventilation.
  • This 80 year old typical Malay house with a main reception area has a raised sleeping area which was originally for the whole family.
  • The 120 year old Laguna villa, very stately in feel, has sweeping lagoon views even from the Chinese style wooden bathtub for two.
  • This 120 year old house sits very majestic and picturesque beside the pool.
  • At 120 years old, Silk Villa is very grand and charming with old plantation style shutters and intricate carvings.
  • Formerly a head of the village residence, this spacious 100 year old Malay house has been recently renovated.